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Summer scholarships

2017 Summer scholarships for students of the Faculty of Medicine’s undergraduate programmes

The purpose of the summer scholarships is to make students interested in research, and take the shape of two-month long research projects. Each year the scholarship period starts with a few introductory lectures.  The summer scholarship is funded in part by the Faculty of Medicine (50%) and in part by the relevant supervisor (50%). The scholarship amount for 2017 is SEK 10,200 per month, and is not subject to taxation. If you have, or have had, an employment at Lund University or already have received a scholarship during part of this period / close to this period, please contact Jessica Lindell, jessica.lindell@med.lu.se before you apply. Students cannot be awarded more than three summer scholarships each.

Planning for 2017
The summer scholarships are announced/advertised in December 2016, and applicants hear back in February if they have been awarded a scholarship or not. Successful applicants are then invited to a project presentation in mid-March. At this presentation researchers present the various projects that are available, after which students decide which project they want to work on.

The introductory meeting is held in June (information to follow in spring 2017).
Project presentations will take place in September. The results will be registered in LADOK – passing the summer scholarship project results in 15 higher education credit (ECTS).

The Planning Team

Jessica Lindell, Administrator
Faculty Office - BMC, F11, Hs 66

Jens Lagerstedt, Reader
Dept. of Experimental Medical Science, Lund

Martin Sjöström, PhD student
Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Lund

Thomas Hellmark, Reader, responsible for awarding scholarships to biomedicine students
Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Lund

Eva Ageberg, Reader, responsible for awarding scholarships to nursing students
Dept. of Health Sciences, Lund/Malmö

Niklas Mattsson, Specialist physician
Clinical Memory Research Unit, Malmö/Lund

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