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Pre-arrival information for accepted international students

When you have been accepted as a PhD student, you can start to prepare for your stay at Lund University and in Sweden.

Students from non-EU/EEA countries: Apply for a residence permit

The most important issue is to apply for a residence permit if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen. You can apply online for a student residence permit, via the fast track page of the Migration Board 

Citizens of some countries are required to have an entry visa for travel to Sweden. If you need an entry visa, you should contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in your country or region as soon as you have obtained your decision from the Migration Board, to apply for a residence permit card, with which you can travel to Sweden. If you do not need an entry visa, then you can travel to Sweden without such a card, but can obtain this after you have arrived in Sweden from the Migration Board. 

Please note that the application for a residence permit can take quite some time. Check the website of the Migration Board for current waiting times. 

Students form EEA countries: bring your European Health Insurance Card

When registering with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and the Migration Board (Migrationsverket) after your arrival in Sweden, it will be very helpful if you bring your European Health Insurance Card from your home country as proof of insurance, even though you will be insured in Sweden from here on out. You should apply for it before you leave for Sweden. For more Information about this card, and how to get it from your home country, follow the following link

Temporary insurance when you arrive in Sweden

When you travel to Sweden and plan to stay here for more than a year, you will have to register in the Swedish Tax Office. When doing so, you will be eligible for subsidised Swedish health care. However, while the Swedish Tax Office is processing your application, you will not receive such subsidised Swedish health care. To bridge this period, Lund University has made arrangements for those that will be employed through the university or are stipend holders, and their families. Please read the information provided by the International Researchers and Scholarship Office of Lund University. 


Before arrival in Lund or Malmö, you are highly recommended to secure housing. Initially, your host department should assist you in finding accommodation. Later, we expect that you manage most of this by yourself. The housing market in Lund and Malmö is quite competitive, so it is advised you take the time to find a place to live. 

The following page will give you more detailed information about finding accommodation in Lund and Malmö.

Important documents

Depending on your personal situation, you should prepare to bring the documents you might need, such as official statements which cannot be obtained through the internet or by mail. It is for instance advisable to bring certified transcripts of your education.


You will not need any special vaccinations before traveling to Sweden. However, if you are planning to do any clinical work, you should make sure that you are vaccinated for Hepatitis B and tuberculosis. 

MSRA test

The following only concerns those that are planning to do clinical work:

Since there are Methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in many European hospitals and hospitals outside Europe, the Faculty of Medicine requires from students who will do clinical work, that they can produce a certificate showing negative bacterial cultures from nasal mucus membrane, perineum and from eventual sores/skin changes. Students that are MRSA positive are not allowed to do clinical courses or clinical work. 

Even if the bacterial culture was negative in your home country, you will be required to do the test again upon arrival. The reason is that Sweden uses more sensitive tests. You can book an appointment for such screening at one of the General Practitioners' centers (in Swedish: Vårdcentralen). You can find them listed on the website in the link below (in Swedish). 

If you have any questions about this, please contact the International Office for more information. 

Travel to Sweden

There are a number of ways you can travel to Lund and Malmö. When arranging your trip, be aware that Lund and Malmö are very closely located to the major airport of the Danish capital Copenhagen, one of the best connected airports in Scandinavia. For more detailed information, follow the link below. 

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