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Undergraduate level courses and placements

Physiotherapy is taught as a three-year undergraduate programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. The programme is taught entirely in Swedish.

Students from partner universities who speak Swedish are welcome to apply for courses in the Bachelor program or pursue their thesis work on Bachelor or Masters level.

Clinical placements (internship or similar) can not be offered.

Graduate level courses (Masters):

Within our Master's Programme in Medical Sciences targeting students in Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy we offer a number of courses in English.  To meet the special eligibility requirements, applicants must have completed courses corresponding to 90 higher education credits in their main field. Some courses may be possible to follow for students in the final semester of their Bachelor programme.

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Ageing and Health 7.5 ECTS

Ageing and Health in Frail Elderly 7.5 ECTS

To be translated

Movement Science 7.5 ECTS

Ageing and Health Promotion 7.5 ECTS

The course aims to increase the knowledge regarding health promotion for older people and the effect on older people’s health.

Examples of course content:

  • Health promotion for older people – theory, concepts and societal impacts.
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Use of ICT in health promotion
  • Evidence based health promotion for older people
  • Implementation strategies

Coordinated Care and Rehabilitation 7.5 ECTS

The course aims to generate a deeper understanding of current and future challenges in the health care organization, and the need for coordinated and team based care as well as systematic assessments. A specific emphasis is on the home as environment for complex health care interventions.

Examples of course content:

  • Organization of health care for older people; demands and future challenges
  • The home as an environment for health care interventions
  • Team work and person centred care
  • Evidence based practice
  • Systematic assessments and evaluation

Other courses

In addition to the above, exchange students are welcome to apply to the following courses:

Lund University's Special Area Studies 

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