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The Öresund region is one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. Highly specialised healthcare, medical engineering industry and successful research and science parks can be found in our immediate neighbourhood. The conditions are therefore optimal for developing, commercialising and applying the knowledge and ideas that our researchers develop.

Lund University is behind a large number of significant medical discoveries that have led to improved treatments methods, new drugs and better diagnostics. In a number of cases the findings have resulted in the establishment of biomedical companies.

Here are just a few examples of innovations from the Faculty of Medicine:

Possible innovations for the future

  • New diagnostics and treatment of preeclampsia
    Researcher: Stefan Hansson and Bo Åkerström
  • CAN04 – special antibodies to fight cancer cells. Possible new cancer treatment.
    Researchers: Thoas Fioretos and Marcus Järås

Established in Sweden and internationally

  • Test for risk of blood clots, known as APC resistance
    Now used around the world to assess the risk of thrombosis.
    Researcher: Björn Dahlbäck, 1990s
  • The Lund model for treatment of head injuries 
    With the help of this model, mortality among patients with serious head injuries has fallen from 30-40 per cent to 10-15 per cent. The Lund model is today the dominant method in Sweden and is increasingly being used internationally as well.
    Researchers: Per-Olof Grände and Carl-Henrik Nordström, 1990s

Well-known and well-established

  • The artificial kidney, the dialysis machine
    Researcher: Nils Alwall, Gambro, 1960s
  • Medical use of ultrasound
    Researchers: Hellmuth Hertz and Inge Edler, 1960s

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  • LU Innovation
    LU Innovation has the job of making research available to society. This is done by providing support and resources to the researchers at Lund University who want to commercialise their ideas and research findings.
  • SmiLe Incubator
    Located at Medicon Village in Lund, is one of few business incubators with their own wet laboratories. 
  • Medeon
  • Science park for life sciences in Malmö.
  • Life Science Innovation Board
    An innovation council for Life Science with representatives from the research community, public healthcare, industry, finance and innovation. The aim is to pick up and develop research findings with the potential to meet needs in public healthcare and to facilitate their implementation.
    Chair Roland Andersson, Vice-Dean
    Tel: +46 46-172 35 9
    Email: roland.andersson@med.lu.se

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