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Definition of infrastructure

Listing of infrastructure at the Faculty of Medicine

“Our Excellent Infrastructure” is a list of research infrastructure with a strong connection to the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. The list is compiled here: www.med.lu.se/infrastructure.

The list is not comprehensive and new facilities are added continuously. In order to be included in the list, the platform/facility must be accessible, the criteria for accessibility must be clear, and essential support service must be available.

The list comprises facilities, such as technique platforms, instruments, collections of biological samples and chemical compounds, and databases, as well as resources, such as technical expertise and essential software. In order to be included in the list the following criteria should be applied:

  • Be open to users at Lund University, including users form other departments and faculties.
  • Have clear and transparent accessibility principles that give priority to academic research. Subsequently, priority is determined based on research quality.
  • Offer essential service, when needed, to enable the use of the facility or platform.

What is what?

Below follows, a list of prefered definitions of the words used to describe the infrastructure:

Infrastructure: The gathered supply offered by the Faculty of Medicine, consisting of platforms, facilities, and other relevant resources.

Platform: one or several facilities of strategic importance (e.g., LBIC)

Facility: an infrastructure unit, including, in most cases, necessary expertise (e.g. Cellomics, AAV, the EpiHealth cohort). A facility can be a part of a larger structure, and as such, it is considered as a specific instrument and/or a specific service in support of scientific work.

Instrument: the instrument without service and know-how.

Resources: expertise, software, and other resources of relevance for the facility.

Internal users: academic users from Lund University.

External users: companies and other universities.

What is NOT an infrastructure?

  • Research centra.
  • SFOs, e.g. LUDC, Multipark, EpiHealth etc.

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