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Master's Programme in Public Health

A person’s right to the highest attainable standard of health, has no geographical or social bounds. However, poverty and lack of democratic governance impede many people’s access to this right. In order to abolish health inequalities, global partnerships and the effective spread of knowledge are essential. We must therefore educate future public health experts who have a broad, interdisciplinary perspective and the will to participate in this global effort.

The programme’s focus is thus global and cross-disciplinary, and provides students with the research-based knowledge, skills and tools necessary for policy-making as well as for hands-on field work.

Course leaders and guest lecturers have substantial experience in a range of disciplinary and geographical contexts, and come from countries such as Sweden, Ghana, Greece, Nigeria, India and USA. The diversity and experience of fellow students also contributes to the stimulating learning environment. As one student expressed it, “The class and teaching are a microcosm of the global context we’ll face in work life."

Contact Information

izla kaya
Photo: Izla Kaya

Programme Director 
Martin Stafström

Programme Coordinator
Elena Lirakis

Programme Secretary
Annabel Merkel

Programme Secretary
Katarina Ambohm

Student Counselor
Camilla Sjölin
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