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Congratulations to Oskar Hansson, author of one of the most cited articles in geriatrics in the last 10 years


Oskar Hansson is professor of neurology at Lund University and us author of one of the most cited articles in geriatrics in the last 10 years,  the The list of “Classic Papers” was produced by Google Scholar. The article, which was published in Lancet Neurology in 2006, came in fourth with nearly 1,400 citations. It is also among the 5–6 most cited Lancet Neurology articles of all time.

What is the article about?

“The article describes how to predict which individuals, with mild memory difficulties, are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, using a spinal fluid test.”

Did you suspect that the article would receive a lot of attention when you submitted the manuscript 11 years ago?

“Yes, we did. But perhaps not how much attention it would receive. And that it would have such major practical consequences. As for me, I have built all of my continued research on this finding. It has also had an impact on diagnostic criteria and guidelines from authorities both in Sweden and internationally, including the European Medicines Agency, EMA.”

When did the world realise the importance of the discovery?

“People became interested fairly quickly. Somewhat surprisingly, however, the interest has remained ever since – the article is still cited. Furthermore, the results have not been significantly challenged.”

The article is entitled “Association between CSF Biomarkers and Incipient Alzheimer’s Disease in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment: a Follow-up Study”, and is a collaboration with Professor Kaj Blennow and Professor Henrik Zetterberg at Sahlgrenska University Hospital/University of Gothenburg.

Google’s top-10 list of the most cited articles in geriatrics

Oskar Hansson is a professor at Lund University’s Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö, and a medical consultant at the Memory Clinic at Skåne University Hospital.

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