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Nominate projects for the Mats Paulsson Foundation


Applications for the nomination of academic innovation projects and medium-cost equipment to the Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation and Community Development

In the text below, the Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation and Community Development describes the purpose of the announcement and how applications are to be structured.

The Foundation has identified a need for support for academic research projects which can give rise to commercializable innovations and the forming of new companies in the near future, and a need for medium-cost equipment.

The Foundation has therefore decided that as of 2019 and until further notice it will prioritise support to innovative research projects that focus on those aspects at Lund University and Malmö University. The projects are to be linked to Life Science and should have considerable potential to be further developed into commercial products/services in start-up companies. Medium-cost equipment means equipment that costs SEK 1 – 4 million. Priority will be given to equipment that can be used by more than one research team working on Life Science at the university in question. 

For Lund University, the Foundation’s support is aimed in the first instance to projects at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering LTH. 

Applications for support for research projects must contain a plan for how the research will be turned into new products/services and, if appropriate, the forming of new companies. 

The board will take a decision on the funding in September 2019. The Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, the Faculty of Engineering LTH and Malmö University are each invited to independently prioritise and submit maximum five applications from their units. If the units submit joint applications, the maximum number of permitted applications from each university will be adjusted to compensate for that.

The funding decision will be announced in October 2019.

 Instructions for the structure of the application

The application must include information about: 

The applicant

  • University, faculty
  • Name and contact details of the principal applicant
  • CV of principal applicant, maximum 2 pages
  • Bibliometry, web links (ResearcherID, Scopus, Google)

 The project

  • Title of project
  • Start and end dates
  • Amount applied for
  • Background/project summary, 1 page
  • Project description Research project plan, 4 pages
  • Innovation plan stating how the research will be turned into new products/services and possibly the forming of new companies, 1 page
  • Need for and use of instruments, 1 page


  • Set out according to type of cost
  • Other funding applied for or received from organisation/amount

Other information

The Times New Roman 11 type should be used.

The application can be written in Swedish or English.
Information about the Foundation’s handling of personal data:


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