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Databases for employees and students at Lunds University

In the Lund university portal, LUBsearch, you will find subject-specific databases via Databases A–Z, but also e-books and other electronic resources provided by Lund University. LUBsearch is a collective entry point to all the libraries’ joint electronic resources.

Access to databases outside campus
As a student or researcher at Lund University, you have access to our electronic resources even when you are outside the campus network. Access via LUBsearch and log in with your Student or Lucat account. Choose "Hello, Guest. Login fo full access".

5 databases within medicine



In Embase you find resources within clinical and experimenta research, as well as pharmaceutical literature. In LUBsearch, search for Embase, or choose E in the alfabetical list.


Bibliographic database with app. 700 000 citations to articles, dissertations and conference proceedings within health sciences and occupational therapy. In LUBsearch, search for Cinahl, or choose C in the alfabetical list


Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews you find systematic reviews from different randomized controlled trails.


PsycINFO has references within psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. In LUBsearch, search for PsycINFO, or choose P in the alfabetical list.

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