Library and ICT

Faculty of Medicine | Lund University


Library Opening Hours

BMC Biomedical Centre, Lund 

Library Information Desk at BMC Student Centre in house I

Library Information Desk & book room: 9am–4pm
Student Centre: everyday 7am–10pm with access card

CRC Clinical Research Centre, Malmö 

CRC Library in house 92

Library is open: Monday–Friday 9am–4pm
Library Information Desk opens at 10am. 

CRC main entrance is open Monday–Thursday 7.45am–5pm (Fri until 4.30pm.) After regular hours, you need an access card to enter CRC and the library.

HSC Health Sciences Centre, Lund

Library is open: Monday–Thursday 9am–6pm, Friday 9am–5pm
Library Information Desk opens at 10am. 

If you have a PAC key, you can use the library until 10pm everyday in the week. Weekends between 8am–10pm.

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