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Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö! The department is part of the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University and is strategically located with Skåne University Hospital.

We have research environments at the point of care for about 40 research groups active at the department. Our activities span a broad range of fields – from molecular medicine to public health. Some of our research is conducted as part of the Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC), one of the world’s foremost centres for diabetes research.

The department contributes to two study programmes offered by Lund University in Malmö: the Master’s programme in Public Health and the undergraduate part of the degree programme in Medicine.

Takprofil CRC. Foto: Kennet Ruona
Gatuvy Wallenberglaboratoriet. Foto: Björn Martinsson

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