Tumor Microenvironment

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Open positions

MSc. Students

We have thesis projects for Masters students in tumor biology. Please, contact Mattias Belting (Mattias.Belting@med.lu.se) directly for more details.

Ph.D. Students

We are always interested in reviewing Ph.D. students applications. For further information and updates on the application process, please contact Mattias Belting (Mattias.Belting@med.lu.se). State an interest into our laboratory and you will be able to interview with us.

Postdoctoral fellows

We welcome applicants for postdoctoral fellowships to apply at any time. Our lab is multidisciplinary in nature and provides an interesting environment for scientists with experience in tumor biology, molecular cell biology, and/or translational cancer research. In particular, we encourage people with experience in both basic cell biology research and more patient oriented research (or with a strong motivation to learn the other discipline) to apply.

After over 300 years of medical research in Lund, the Faculty of Medicine is one of the most research-intensive university environments in Europe. Its research spans a wide range from experimental basic research to applied research. Hundreds of research groups are studying everything from the molecular mechanisms underlying various forms of cancer to new treatment methods for Parkinson’s disease and pain relief for the elderly. Among the main objectives of our group in particular is to encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative research involving biologists and research oriented physicians in order to develop and apply new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. For more information on specific research projects within our group, do not hesitate to contact Mattias Belting (Mattias.Belting@med.lu.se) directly.

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