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Department of Psychiatry

Our areas of interest include etiology, diagnostics, treatment, prevention, prognostics and epidemiology of various psychiatric illnesses.

Our staff, researchers and PhD students are responsible for basic training of med.students and education of other students in healthcare. We also have courses for residents in psychiatry, and we offer courses on psychiatry in society.

Our research and PhD-education cover risk-assessments (e.g. risk for recurrence, suicide risk, and risk for alcoholism) in prospective and retrospective clinical and epidemiological studies.

We perform treatment and other intervention studies. We are also active in developing new methods for evaluation of patients and for rehabilitation. Basic psychobiological research is performed in the clinic as well as in laboratories.

Our researchers collaborate with other clinical specialties and faculties in Sweden and elsewhere.

Geriatric Psychiatry


Head of Department
Åsa Westrin

Lunds universitet
Avdelningen för psykiatri
Psykiatrimottagningen, HS 32
Baravägen 1
SE-221 85  Lund

Tel. +46 46 17 88 91
Fax. +46 46 17 60 48

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