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Translational Oncology Research Grant

Through a grant from Mrs. Berta Kamprad's Cancer Foundation, the Division of Oncology and Pathology at The Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund (IKVL), now announces a 2-year research support grant enabling research time for two researchers in a translational research collaboration preferably affiliated to the Department of Oncology, Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. The purpose is to strengthen doctorate cancer researchers in translational research teams with the aim to establish their own research programs and give them the opportunity to engage in cancer research with a strong link between the pre-clinic and clinic environments. The grant covers salary for 2 years of 100% research time for the pre-clinical researcher and 50% research time from clinical obligations for the clinical researcher.

Formal eligibility requirements

No later than on the date of the application deadline, both applicants must have a doctorate, PhD. The support can be combined with research funding from another source, but not with long-term financial salary support from another financier.

Duration of grant

The support encompasses a two-year period, commencing on September 1st, 2018.

Appropriation available

The aid amounts to 100% of the personal salary of the pre-clinical researcher and 50% of the personal salary for the clinical researcher under the current agreement (incl. social fees and overhead costs at Lund university).

Basis for Assessment

Applicants shall submit a joint application using these web-pages. When assessing the application, the following criteria are taken into account: translational anchoring, cancer relevance, scientific quality and the candidates' competence and estimated potential. The submission shall include the following information and documentation: 

  • Justification. Personal letter / justification for a maximum of one page.
  • Certificate from the current employer. Confirmation from the current employer regarding permission for leave of absence for research (clinical researcher only) to be attached.
  • Research Program. The research program shall be in English and shall not exceed 2,500 words. The following outline is recommended: Specific aims / Background / Methods / Expected & Preliminary Results / Significance and clinical implementation 
  • Curriculum vitae. CV for both applicants.
  • List of publications. Full list of publications. Original papers shall be listed in chronological order, work included in the thesis shall be marked, review articles and book chapters shall be compiled in chronological order. Manuscripts shall not be attached.

Practical directions

Application deadline: April 9th 2018
Please upload your application through the link https://www.grantfolio.com/fbks/.

Other Issues

Changed circumstances under allocation period: Grant holders shall notify the Division of Oncology and Pathology, IKVL, Lund University, of any potential or actual change in employment or terms thereof during the project. Reporting: An economic and scientific report of the research conducted under the project shall be submitted in writing to Mrs. Berta Kamprad's Cancer Foundation within three months after the grant has expired. Funds that have not been utilized shall be returned to the foundation. 

For further information about this grant, please contact Mats Jerkeman, Department of Oncology, Skåne University Hospital, e-mail: mats.jerkeman@med.lu.se 

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