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Melanoma Genomics

Malignant melanoma is a disease that demonstrates a wide range of clinical behavior from relatively indolent to aggressive metastatic disease. In primary melanoma, various disease progression pathways are emerging based on DNA copy number changes in tumors, however refinement of these subtypes is required for biological interpretation.

Our own studies of disseminated melanoma reveals a division into four discrete gene expression entities that are significantly correlated to clinical outcome. Interestingly, an elevated immune reaction in tumors is suggested to correlate with better survival. These are welcome findings in a disease characterized by consistent resistance to current chemotherapy regimes and where novel treatment strategies are urgently needed. We posit that using human tumor molecular and mutation data as a foundation for functional studies will lead us to novel insights about the fundamental biology of melanoma as well as provide us with inspiration for designing novel therapeutic strategies. Accordingly, our research program is focused on genomic tumor biology and the subsequent functional elucidation of biological mechanisms. 

In an international collaboration we are also increasing efforts to identify susceptibility genes that predispose carriers for the rare ocular melanomas, but which will also shed light on development of cutaneous malignant melanoma, which co-segregates with ocular melanoma in the large pedigrees.

Taken together, we believe that a translational research approach in melanoma will be a valuable tool for future design and considerations in clinical trials but will also provide further biological understanding of the disease.

Recent News

  • 2017 Jun: Collaboration with Inge Marie Svane in Copenhagen results in publication in Cancer Research 
  • 2017 Mar: Göran Jönsson was awarded a Senior Investigator Award from the Swedish Cancer Society
  • 2017 Mar: The melanoma group published paper in Molecular Oncology
  • 2016 Dec: Helena Cirenajwis defended her thesis with Mitch Levesque as opponent.
  • 2016 Nov: Göran was awarded Swedish Cancer Society 3-Year Project Grant (1 million SEK/year).
  • 2016 Sep: The melanoma group published paper in PCMR
  • 2016 Aug: The melanoma group published paper in Cancer Research
  • 2016 Jun: The melanoma group published paper in JID
  • 2016 Apr: Three MELGEN PhD students are in place in Lund. MELGEN is funded by European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014) under Grant Agreement n°247634. Welcome Adriana, Rita and Shamik to the melanoma group!


goeran joensson

Göran Jönsson, Ph.D.
Head, Melanoma Genomics Unit
Asst. Professor, Div. of Oncology
Phone: +46 46 2221444
E-mail: goran_b.jonsson@med.lu.se 


  • The Swedish Cancer Society: Young Investigator Award (2011-2017)
  • The Swedish Cancer Society: Project
  • The Swedish Research Council
  • Governmental Funding of Clinical Research within National Health Service (ALF)
  • The Nordic Cancer Union
  • Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Foundation
  • The Gustav V:th Jubilee Foundation
  • The Berta Kamprad Foundation
  • BioCARE Research Program
  • European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014) under Grant Agreement n°641458

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