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High-throughput technologies for gene expression and genomic analysis provide opportunities but also introduce challenges related to storage, management, and analysis of large amounts of generated data. In the Bioinformatics Unit we develop and evaluate methods for analysis of cancer related data from array based platforms and next generation sequencing techniques.


  •  Bioinformatics research to increase understanding of cancer, develop and improve experimental applications, techniques, and data analysis methods.
  •  Collaborate with clinical and biological research groups where molecular and genomic experimental techniques are utilized.
  •  Development and maintenance of tools for analysis of microarray and sequencing data.

Our work with analysis methods and pipelines includes both low-level data transformations and higher-level comparative analysis. We also develop information management systems for integrating laboratory data on sample source and processing with array and sequencing data.

The research of the Bioinformatics Unit covers computational and translational oncology in close collaboration with other researchers within the Canceromics Branch and the Division of Oncology. The overall aim is to advance the understanding of molecular differences underlying the diverse pathology, clinical course, and response to treatment of cancer and breast cancer in particular.


johan jari anders

Jari Häkkinen, Ph.D.
Phone: +46 46 2220383
E-mail: jari.hakkinen@med.lu.se

Anders Kvist, Ph.D.
Phone: +46 46 178534
E-mail: anders.kvist@med.lu.se 

Johan Vallon-Christersson, Ph.D.
Phone: +46 46 2220383
E-mail: johan.vallon-christersson@med.lu.se 

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