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Welcome to the Division of Oncology and Pathology!

The Division of Oncology and Pathology houses several research groups within the two main branches Canceromics and Translational Oncology and Pathology. Through a multidisciplinary approach, scientists, health care personnel, technologists, and informaticians endeavor to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and care of cancer patients. Our shared goals include:

  • International-quality research and collaboration in studies of a variety of malignancies, e.g. breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, melanoma, urological cancers, sarcoma, lymphoma, gynecological cancers, head-and neck tumors, brain tumors as well as neurodegenerative diseases
  • Translational bridging from basic science and epidemiology to clinical application catalyzed by lab facilities joined to the clinic
  • High-quality education and research training that prepares students for successful careers
  • Continuous development of a scientific milieu in which researchers benefit from population-based registries, in-house biobanks linked to clinical data, and strategic investments in new technologies
  • Recognition as an attractive and inspiring work environment characterized by curiosity, collaboration, and collegiality
Fotograf Charlotte Carlberg Bärg Tel: 0707-19 23 30 Email: charlotte@clic.se
The University Building in pink lighting during October 2012. Lund University wanted to acknowledge the Breast Cancer Fundation's and the Cancer Fundation's fund raising campaign to support breast cancer research.

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