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November 27 the Swedish National Council on Ethics instituted an ethics prize, and Göran Hermerén was the first to receive this prestigious prize at SMER's 30 year celebration for 'his extremely valuable contribution to medical ethics, both nationally as well as internationally'. Congratulations, Göran!

Kjell Asplund överräcker priset till Göran

About the Department

The Department of Medical Ethics at Lund University was founded in 1991. Courses in medical ethics are given by staff members at Lund University, at various clinics of the university hospital, and at hospitals in the region.

Medical ethics is an interdisciplinary research and teaching subject. The purpose of studies in medical ethics is to examine critically, historically and analytically moral and ethical aspects of decisions (on the individual as well as societal levels) concerning health care and medical research.

Research at the department is carried out by, or together with, researchers with their basic training in different faculties (medicine, humanities, law, theology, etc.). The main focus of the research and teaching is on actual clinical problems, as well as on contemporary problems in medical research ethics.

Current events

New publication: Sahlin et al i Journal of Dentistry: Diagnostic Accuracy of Different Caries Risk Assessment Methods. A Systematic Review.

Read the Festschrift dedicated to Nils-Eric on his 60th birthday, on!


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