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Welcome to Teachers Connect first weekday of each month during the semesters!

We want to further encourage teachers at the Medical Faculty to exchange experiences of educational development. To create a fruitful mix of the educational developmental carried out by teachers at the faculty and all the excellent projects that are developed during our courses we have decided to fuse the course completions with our previous biannual Idéforum. You can indulge in Teachers Connect the first day of the week every month during term time.

Welcome to participate!

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Program May 2, 2019

Time: 08.30-154.20
Venue: B335, HSC, Baravägen 3, Lund




  • Endagskurs i avancerad endoskopi, att sätta stent i esofagus
  • Utveckling av anatomiundervisningen på arbetsterapeututbildningen, öka
    studenternas djupinlärning och förståelse genom gamification
  • Hur olika aspekter av lärandemiljö, såsom tillit och humor, påverkar lärande


  • Auskultation, ett utmärkt tillfälle för lärande?
  • Integrera aktivt lärande i en undervisningslektion
  • Aktivt lärande av diabetesneuropati




  • Upplevelser av studiemålen på läkarprogrammets termin 4g
  • Förtroende vid projekthandledning med forsknings- och labbovana
  • Bedömningsmall Medsittning student – student läkarprogrammet termin
    12, psykiatri


  • Acquiring knowledge via cognitive learning (Designing a workshop on
    basic R programming for students with no prior programmin experience)?
  • Visionary impacts on learning
  • Implementing active learning principles in classical lectures




  • Finding the right mix of learning activities to engage deep learning in all
  • Interactive Journal Club for Optimal Learning Outcome
  • How to improve learning by maintain PhD student motivation


  • Boosting motivation in PhD studies - Views on supervisor - PhD student
    relationship through a self-determination theory approach
  • Reaching the tactile learners

Schedule for 2019

Spring semester 2019

Autumn semester 2019

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Apply for the presentation
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1 February (Fri) 2019

22 Sep

1 Oct (Tue) 2019


1 March (Fri) 2019

22 Oct

4 Nov (Mon) 2019


1 April (Mon) 2019

22 Nov

2 Dec (Mon) 2019


2 May (Thu) 2019


22 May

3 June (Mon) 2019

  • Presenter: Sign up by clicking on the above closing date.

Teachers Connect will be a mix of teachers' and supervisors' presentations of development projects, invited guests, networking meetings, workshops and round tables. All interested are welcome either to present something about teaching/tutoring, or to listen/attend a full day or part of a day.

Program and theme are presented before each Teachers Connect through the teachers' e-mail list and the supervisors' e-mail list, as well as on this website.

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