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Welcome to Teachers Connect!

We want to further encourage teachers at the Medical Faculty to exchange experiences of educational development. To create a fruitful mix of the educational developmental carried out by teachers at the faculty and all the excellent projects that are developed during our courses we have decided to fuse the course completions with our previous biannual Idéforum. You can indulge in Teachers Connect the first week of every month during term time.

Welcome to participate! Registration is only needed if you are to present!

Teachers Connect October 1 2021 - cancelled!

Participate online later this semester.




Schedule for 2021

Autumn semester 2021

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Teachers Connect

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1 October (Fri) - Note: cancelled!

22 Oct

8 November (Mon)

22 Nov

1 December (Wed)

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Information about Teachers Connect

  • At present all Teachers Connect events are held in Zoom.
  • Deadline for presenters is the 22:nd in the month before TC.
  • After the 22:nd we know how extensive the program will be.
  • When you sign up please provide us with information about any preferences regarding when during the day you wish to give your presentation.
  • The program will be finalized around the 25th each month.
  • Presenters will receive the program and detailed instructions for the TC event after the 25th.
  • Presenters have 15 minutes altogether for presentation and a discussion.
  • Keep the presentation short (max. 5 minutes). Focus on what might be of generalizable pedagogical value for teaching staff at the Faculty to discuss.
  • A good idea is to end the presentations with (a slide or whatever the format the presentation might be in) two major questions to the audience to get input/feedback on.

Teachers Connect will be a mix of teachers' and supervisors' presentations of development projects, invited guests, networking meetings, workshops and round tables. All interested are welcome either to present something about teaching/tutoring, or to listen/attend a full day or part of a day.

Program and theme are presented before each Teachers Connect through the teachers' e-mail list and the supervisors' e-mail list, as well as on this website.

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