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MedCUL Strategic Plan 2013-2017

MedCUL – connecting teachers, furthering medical education


That the faculty's educational environment is permeated by high educational quality and professionalism.


MedCUL works to ensure that the design and management of the Faculty's courses, and the training of faculty teachers, are based on current knowledge and research in medical education. Our ambition is long-term and strategic educational development in close collaboration with faculty programme directors, teachers, tutors and students across educational boundaries.

Our strategic goals for 2013–2017:

Learning Environments

  • MedCUL is a meeting place for faculty teachers, and creates opportunities for teachers to share experiences and interact within and between programs
  • MedCUL cooperates with teachers and faculty programme directors for evaluation and development of educational environments

Educational Training

  • MedCUL offers educational training and support for professional development for all who teach and supervise faculty students
  • MedCUL’s work contributes to ensuring that teaching, teacher education and educational leadership is the basis for career development

Research and collaboration

  • MedCUL participates  actively in national and international networks and collaborations within the medical education field
  • MedCUL is represented in working groups and forums within the Faculty who handle and decide on educational issues
  • MedCUL develops its activities  through evaluation and research

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