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Research in Medical Education

Medical education learning research studies the conditions for learning in health education. These training programs are conducted in close collaboration with health care and focus on the patients’ and their health. Research within this area focuses on finding out what areas are important to train future health professionals in, such as clinical learning, communication with patients and other staff and assessment of learning outcome. Since it is multidisciplinary subject, researchers in medical education can have diverse backgrounds, even in their PhD studies, and come from areas such as medicine, teaching, healthcare, psychology and sociology.

Research at MedCUL is mainly focused on educational development and teacher development opportunities. Our research is closely linked to practical application.

Student learning and the conditions for learning in student-centered education
Examples: educational climate, study and learning strategies, stress, students' self-reflection, teaching in small groups, problem-based learning, and examination.

Teachers' learning and development
Examples: development of clinical supervision, supervision of small groups, problem-based learning, teachers 'dilemmas, and teachers' tacit knowledge.

Organisational conditions for educational development
Examples: Teachers' career development, follow -up of educational training, organisation of educational development, and curriculum development.

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