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LU Case Day 2022, 20-21 April


Invitation by Lund University Case Academy (LUCA) 

Welcome to the 8th LU Case Day 20-21 April 2022, lunch to lunch. We invite engaged teachers, researchers, and students who want to share experiences and reflections connected to the case pedagogy.

LUCA – Lund University Case Academy was formed as a network across faculties in February 2012 to promote case-based student active learning. It was started by a group of teachers from the Faculty of Engineering LTH, School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) and the Faculty of Medicine, who share an interest in case-based methods. These include the Harvard case method, today used at LUSEM and the Faculty of Medicine, project-based learning, used in LTH, and problem-based learning used in the Faculty of Medicine. LUCA is interested in widening the participation in the network to more teachers and faculties at Lund University. LUCA organizes since 2014 a local conference each year, LU Case Day, to share experiences and contribute to development of teaching and learning practices.

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