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Interprofessional collaboration

Simon Kitto

Simon Kitto visited the Faculty of Medicine in May and talked about:

Interprofessional collaboration: above and beyond individual competencies

Simon Kitto is a medical sociologist and his main research interests are studying how structural, historical and socio-cultural variables shape educational setting, activities and interprofessional clinical practice.

He is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Department of Innovation in Medical Education and the Director of Research in the Office of Continuing Professional Development. His current research focuses on the nature and role of continuing interprofessional education and practice within the nexus of patient safety, quality improvement and implementation science intervention design and practice.

Simon is one of the authors of the recent BEME systematic review of the effects of interprofessional education: BEME Guide No. 39 and among his publications are studies of factors facilitating or hindering the successful implementation of interprofessional clinical training for undergraduate students as well as of factors shaping interprofessional teamwork. In his talk he will discuss the limitations of existing competency frameworks focusing on individual level competencies and introduce the concept of ‘collective competence’.

The event was arranged in collaboration with Lisa Davidsson, Region Skåne and Eva Nordmark, chairman of SIPU (Styrgruppen för Interprofessionella Utbildningsaktiviteter).

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