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Courses and Workshops in English

Information about application can be found on the courses' websites. Courses may be cancelled if there are few applicants.

We offer courses for teachers and PhD students. All Courses are compatible with the national framework for higher education teacher training recommended by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF). For our courses in Swedish, comprehension of spoken and written Swedish is necessary. In most cases, however, participants can do their talking and writing in English. For more information, please contact us. For a comprehensive list of courses in Swedish, see Vårt kursutbud.

Courses in English

Perspectives on learning and Research supervision are the courses required for applying for "docent" at the Faculty of Medicine.

Course application

Now you can apply for our courses in autumn 2023. A place is given in turn after the application has been received.

The courses during the spring of 2023 can be applied for continuously as long as there are places and reserve places left.

All our courses (in Swedish)

Our courses are made available for application twice a year.

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