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We have our office in Health Sciences Centre, Baravägen 3, Lund.

Christina Gummesson

Christina Gummesson, Senior lecturer, Head of department
Tel. 046-222 37 84 

Annika Diehl

Annika Diehl, Educational developer, Administrator
Tel. 046-222 19 90

Gunilla Amnér

Gunilla Amnér, Educational developer
Tel. 046-222 19 92

Gudrun Edgren

Gudrun Edgren, Professor
Tel. 046-222 04 51

Sten Erici

Sten Erici, Educational developer
Tel. 046-222 19 82

Pia Strand

Pia Strand, Lecturer
Tel. 046-222 39 39 

karin oejehagen

Karin Öjehagen, Lecturer
Tel. 046-22219 75

Employees from other departments

johan agardh

Johan Agardh, Project koordinator
Laryngoesophagology, Allergy and Life Quality
040-391025; 070-525 88 71

luke dawson

Luke Dawson, Professor of Dental Education
School of Dentistry
University of Liverpool

Tomas Deierborg

Tomas Deierborg, Associate professor
Tel. 046-222 01 97

Jakob Donnér

Jakob Donnér, Senior lecturer
Department of Clinical Sciences
Tel. 046-222 85 79

Per Ekström

Per Ekström, Senior lecturer
Tel: 046-222 07 66

Angelika Fex

Angelika Fex, Lecturer
Integrative Health Research
Tel: 046-222 19 29

Thomas Hellmark

Thomas Hellmark, Senior lecturer
Tel. 046-222 07 01

Peter Åsman

Peter Åsman, Senior lecturer
Tel: 040-33 27 19

Teaching assistants at MedCUL

An important group is our teaching assistants who are employed students from the various programs at the Faculty of Medicine. Their role is to be part of the development and education activities undertaken by MedCUL and to be an educational sounding board towards faculty teachers.

paulina althin

Paulina Althin
Teaching assistant and physiotherapist, semester five. General interest in education.

susanna hellgren liten

Sanna Hellgren
Teaching assistant since June 2017 and student at the speach therapist programme, semester seven. Would like to create inclusive learning with methods of communication and anti-oppressive pedagogy.


Tiia-Marie Sundberg
Teaching assistant and medicine student, semester eight. Particularly interested in object-oriented learning and application of educational models in the programs.

alexander liten

Alexander Tejera
Teaching assistant and medicine student, semester eight. Particularly interested in the effect teaching students about education and educational models has on their learning.

Mailing address

The Faculty of Medicine Centre for Teaching and Learning (MedCUL)
Box 157
SE-221 00 Lund


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Visiting address

Baravägen 3
Lund, Sweden


Delivery address

Margaretavägen 1B
SE-222 40 Lund

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