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Digital Teaching Support

Improve your teaching and learning online

Library & ICT assist you with developing and improving your digital teaching: We offer courses, equipment loans, and software support, as well as video and pod production consultation. We continually develop our support and services for digital learning environments at the faculty, focusing on your teaching needs and your students learning.

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Start using video or podcasts in your teaching

Do you want to produce your own digital content for online teaching? We support you! For example, we can help you with creating effective and high-quality pre-recording lecture, realising your pod idea, mixing, editing, and getting feedback on your instruction video. We can assist with fine tuning your concept, writing a polished script, and using various software.
We have the equipment and expertise necessary to script, shoot, edit, and produce your video effectively, and in a way that aligns with and supports your teaching goals and the student´s learning outcomes.

Book individual support or green screen recording

There is a tremendous variety of equipment and software available to help with filming and editing videos. Our digital teaching support team is available for consulting in-person and online. Contact us at: 

Borrow equipment for smartphone recording or studio microphone for a professional sound

The vast majority of smart phones and laptops made within the last five years can record high-quality video, but considering issues like lighting, audio, and camera setup can vastly improve your video’s production value at little or no cost. Contact us to borrow a mosquito microphone or a tripod for your smartphone for better recording quality. We can also provide you with a professional studio microphone (desktop microphone) if you aiming for the prefect sound.

Digital tools for teaching and learning

Converting an in-person course to an online or hybrid model requires re-imagining many common classroom practices. Fortunately, Lund University has a wide variety of resources and tools, and Library & ICT´s support team can help you improve your online teaching.
From using screen recording software and publishing your video in Studio, to creating online course evaluations or surveys.

Canvas is Lund University's joint learning platform, Studio (video) is the platform for creating and managing video and audio files directly in Canvas. QPS (Quality Progress System) is the Faculty of Medicine's digital examination system.

User support for Zoom, Studio, Canvas, Sunet Survey

Library & ICT offers Canvas, Zoom and Sunet Survey support, in collaboration with the central LU Digital Learning Support, to assist faculty in making the jump to online teaching.

Contact us for user support at 
Read more digital tools for teaching and learning at
Read more about Sunet Survey at LU Staff pages


Library & ICT offers:

•   Useful tips for screen recording
•   Support in Zoom, Canvas Studio
•   Video production services

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