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Scientific Journals and Databases

LUBsearch is the university-wide portal to the libraries' e-journals, databases, medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, and other e-books.

LUBsearch is freely searchable, but the electronic journals can only be read and downloaded within the university network, or if you log in with your LUCAT account. Choose "Hello, Guest. Login for full access".

Purchase Recommendations

To suggest a journal, database or book purchase, use this form:
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In the library catalogue LUBcat, you can see if the book you are looking for is available, if it is a course book or a reference book, which library it is placed at and the shelving location. You can choose which library you prefer as pick-up location when placing a request for a book. It is not possible to place a request for available course books.

Loan Periods

The loan period for course literature is 14 days, with automatic renewal up to 5 times as long as the book is not requested by another patron.
For other books in our collections the loan period is 28 days with automatic renewal up to 11 times as long as the book is not requested by another patron.
You are personally responsible for your loans and keeping track of lending periods.

Atlases, dictionaries & handbooks

Many atlases, dictionaries and different types of handbooks within medicine, bio medicine and health are freely available:

E-books purchased by the library can be found in LUBsearch.

Search Support

Search Consultation

Library & ICT Researcher support can help you:

  • identify relevant search terms for a research topic and give guidance in database searches
  • preform a  structured search for a systematic review or research survey, or for other use

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