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Research ethics

At the Faculty of Medicine, a wide variety of research is conducted: basic research, clinical research, and research in the fields of health and nursing. The researchers and postgraduate students of the Faculty constantly face questions and situations which require ethical deliberations concerning test subjects and the public as well as collaboration with other researchers.


All researchers are personally responsible that their research conforms with good research practice and established ethical principles. The head of department or equivalent is responsible that heads of research groups, heads of education groups and chief supervisors of postgraduate students are continuously informed and involved in discussions about current decisions and guidelines concerning research ethics. It is also the duty of the heads of research groups and education groups to make sure that all staff with research or research-related duties receive such information and to supervise the application of such decisions and guidelines continuously

It is the responsibility of the head of department or equivalent to take active steps to prevent ethical challenges in research activities from developing into situations where misconduct and fraud may occur. If, nevertheless, such a situation should arise, it is the responsibility of the head of department or equivalent to inform the Dean about the case in question.

There is a long list of documents with recommendations and guidelines. More information is available on the university webpage on research ethics:

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