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Electronic data capture for clinical research studies

Electronic data capture application for clinical research studies helps you as a researcher or research group leader to collect, manage, archive, and report clinical research data in a secure manner. 

REDCap – electronic data capture app for clinical research studies

The Faculty of Medicine offers REDCap as an application for secure data capture for clinical research studies to acquire, store, and report on their clinical research data. The application provides web-based case report forms, real-time data entry validation, audit trails, and the ability to set up a calendar to schedule and track critical study events such as blood-draws, patient visits, etcetera.

REDCap is free of charge for affiliated research group leaders at the Faculty of Medicine. The clinical study director can assign different levels of access for each member of the research team.

Login to REDCap with your Lucat account 

REDCap login at


Library and ICT offers, through REDCap, a data management solution with frequent backups and secure access control to help researchers acquire, store, and report on their clinical research data in compliance with regulations.

Getting started

You need to be registered in Lucat and have a Lucat account to access REDCap

Contact your research group leader at Lund University, if you don´t have a Lucat. account.  Lucat is the people and address directory for Lund University. Authorisation for different IT services and systems to which you need access is also controlled through Lucat. If you are the research manager for an affiliated researcher without Lucat, please contact the directory manager at your department.

Apply login credentials and request access to REDCap

You apply for login credentials and access to REDCap in the Lund University Lucat Portal.

  1. Login with your Lucat at
  2. On My Page, select the My entitlements option in the menu to the left. Follow the link "Request an entitlement "on the top right corner.
  3.  In the dropdown boxes select the following options:
     •  Type of entitlement: IT services
     •  IT service group: Forskningsadministration (option only In Swedish)
     •  IT-service: REDCap
     •  Entitlement: Användare
  4. Apply: Click on the Request button


Library and ICT gives REDCap support for research groups affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, without fee. Contact us through Write REDCap in the subject line.

Book researcher support to discuss your project or to start up REDCap

The service Book Research Support can be used to book an appointment to discuss a present or future project, or getting started with REDCap. Digital meetings are be held in Zoom.

Incident reports

If you experience unanticipated REDCap behavior, please send an e-mail to The same goes for suggestions for changes in REDCap

User training

Library and ICT´s researcher support gives user training in REDCap. Our REDCap course is free of charge for affiliated research group leaders at the Faculty of Medicine. If you don´t have an affiliation and would like to attend the course, please contact the course leader Awa Jammeh through

Sing in for our REDCap training course!

More information and application on the faculty staff pages Intramed 


Contact us through LU Servicedesk:

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REDCap Support Staff: Carola Tilgmann (Head of Division), Awa Jammeh, and Tor Auster. Photo.

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