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High-secure handling of data at the Faculty of Medicine

LUSEC is a platform for storing, handling and analysing data in a high-secure way and according to the new GDPR. The platform is built upon a storage solution based on IBM Spectrum Scale, with encryption of data, and numerous components from Citrix, amongst others, Citrix StoreFront (a secure user environment with various software) and Citrix ShareFile (a secure file transfer software).

The platform is presently mainly suited for the special requirements researchers at the Faculty of Medicine have, but will, as far as it is possible, be enlarged and equipped with additional software and functions.

LUSEC workshop

Demonstration of the platform LUSEC.
 Lars Nilsson, Library & ICT researcher support

Workshop dates and hands-on workshops will be announced later.

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Information security is to be an integrated part of the daily work, according to a decision by the vice-chancellor. For all information, the following criteria must be met:

  • Availability
  • Correctness
  • Confidentially
  • Traceability

Requirements that the LUSEC platform fulfills

The LUSEC platform is a solution which clearly fulfills the requirements that govern storage of information according to the law regarding research on living persons, on biological material from living humans, and research which imply handling of sensitive personal data. The LUSEC platform in particular ensures

  • Clear processes
  • Authorisation application for access
  • Support for two factor authentication
  • Secure and robust storage, with encryption of stored information
  • Correct backup of stored information
  • Controlled remote access to the information
  • Log management
  • A secure environment, in which numerous scientific applications can be utilised for various calculations
  • A secure utility for copying the data into and out of the secure storage area

Access levels

There are three different access levels. To copy data into or out of the storage area, two of the access levels are needed – Projektmedlem and Export/Import. The role of project owner (research manager), PI, is equipped with these two access levels by default. Other project members can apply for access according to the list below, and the access request is authorised by the PI.

  • Projektmedlem (read and write permissions)
  • Läsrätt (Read permissions)
  • Export/Import (access to copy data into and out of the storage area with the software ShareFile)


There is a cost associated with this service.

Support and questions

 Questions about LUSEC

 Contact: Researcher Support

 All user guides (latest version)

Contact person

Lars Nilsson
 Research Engineer
 MSc, TeknLic, Chemical Engineering
 Library & ICT, room BMC:F1013
 Faculty of Medicine

 Contact: Book researcher support

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