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ELN Labguru

Electronic lab notebook

Labguru is a web-based electronic lab notebook for storage and management of all your lab experiments.

ELN allows smooth collaboration in and outside the lab, by collecting everything in one place: protocols, material, results and ideas.

ELN helps researchers to plan experiments, monitor progress, share results and comments, track inventory, and organize related documents and data. 


We store all data within Sweden, on our servers at the Faculty of Medicine.

Library & ICT will handle Labguru accounts manually, due to the new data protection ordinance (GDPR) that will come into force next year.

All changes must be requested by group leader/PI directly to IT services.

Get started

The group leader/PI is the owner of the group ELN.

The group leader/PI is responsible for financing.

To get login credentials, or to add new members, contact Researcher support:

Log in 

Your account needs to be activated for Labguru, thereafter you can log in here:

If you can't log in, you might need to synchronize your password:


Library & ICT give support for ELN Labguru for research groups at the Faculty of Medicine.

There is an administration fee for the service.

Testimonal from a PI


Contact IT Services:

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More information at the Labguru website:


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