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Electronic lab notebook: Labguru

Electronic lab notebook (ELN) allows smooth collaboration in and outside the lab, by collecting and managing everything in one place: protocols, material, results, and ideas. You can effectively plan experiments and create protocol workflows, monitor progress, communicate results and comments, manage inventory, and organize related documents and data. 

Labguru – the electronic lab notebook at Lund University

Lund University currently offers Labguru as an alternative to an electronic lab notebook. Labguru is provided by Biodata Inc. The Faculty of Medicine, Library and ICT unit, is system administrator and system owner.

Get started

Contact Library and ICT´s researcher support to activate your Labguru license, access to your account, and add new members to your Labguru notebook. Contact us via

Log in 

Your Labguru account needs to be activated before you can login. If you still have problems logging in, you might need to synchronize your Lucat password:

Login Labguru at
Change password at


The research group leader/PI is the owner of the research group´s lab notebook (ELN), and responsible for financing. All changes must be requested by research group leader/PI directly to Library and ICT. Contact us via

Data security

We store all data within Sweden, on our servers at the Faculty of Medicine. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Library & ICT will handle Labguru accounts manually, instead of Biodata Inc.


Library and ICT offer support for accessibility and license administration. The service is subject to a fee with an administration cost. 

The Faculty of Medicine does not offer user support, the user support is provided by Biodata. Contact general support at Biodata: send an e-mail to or chat with support staff when you are logged in to Labguru.

User training

The Faculty of Medicine does not offer training sessions, but there is a general module for user training in Labguru called “Labguru – Academy”, a learning platform from Biodata. There are also webinars at regular intervals. Specific training sessions can be offered by Biodata.

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Labguru Support Staff. Carola Tilgmann (Head of division), Magnus Hove, Awa Jammeh, and Tor Auster. Photo.

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