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Research Data Management

To facilitate management of the amounts of data generated in the research process – in accordance with laws and regulations – and to avoid time-consuming subsequent work, it is important that data, material, and documents are organized in a well-structured manner. This can be simplified by using specific tools and systems.

The libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology provide useful information about research data management: for the beginning of, during, and when completing a project:

Research data management at the Faculty of Medicine

Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine are offered the following tools for research data management:


  • System for Data Management Plans

More about DMPRoadmap


  • Storing and archiving
    sensitive data
  • Access to and handling
    of sensitive data

More about LUSEC


ELN LabGuru

  • Electronic lab notebook
  • For experimental /
    pre-clinical research
  • Also for clinical and
    register research

More about ELN Labguru



  • Qualitative data analysis computer software

More about NVivo



  • Electronic data capture
  • For clinical studies

More about REDCap



Library & ICT give support for ELN Labguru and REDCap:

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Research data management

research data management

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