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NVivo Introduction Course

Learn how to use NVivo effectively for qualitative and mixed-methods research

In this course you will be introduced to NVivo, a software program used for qualitative research methods such as grounded theory (GT), content analysis, phenomenology, discourse analysis, literature reviews, and more. NVivo facilitates your research process, specifically, it makes it easier for you to organize and sort rich text research data.


You will learn how to use NVivo effectively for different research methods. We will show and explain NVivo’s structure, basic functions and the terminology used in the software. We are also going to touch upon various tools to facilitate the iterative process for coding data in transcribed individual interviews and focus groups as well as open-ended survey responses.

The course consist of two sessions. During the second session, we will introduce more advanced functions mixed with hands-on exercises, and a QA session based on participants questions.

Dates and registration NVivo for Windows users

Dates will be announced later this Spring.

Prior knowledge

The course does not require any previous knowledge of NVivo or similar tools. It is required that you have the NVivo program installed when you attend the course.

NVivo for Mac users

Please contact Maria Johnsson at 

User support

You are welcome to book an appointment for individual support or as a group. Contact us at Book Researcher Support.

Technical support and installation

Lund University has a campus license for the software which is produced by QSR International.  Contact for technical support and installation:


Viktor Forss


Course leader

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Viktor Forss, librarian


Maria Johnsson, librarian

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