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LUCRIS and the LU research portal

LUCRIS (Lund University Current Research Information System) and the LU research portal form together the university’s research information system. Their purpose is to communicate LU’s research to both internal and external parties.

LUCRIS is the backend interface where the information is registered. The research portal is the public interface and comprises profile pages for each researcher and research group where publications, projects, grants and further activities can be viewed. In the fall of 2021, a new version of the research portal will be launched.

LUCRIS workshop

Opportunity for researchers and research administrators to get an overview of LUCRIS and the research portal. Learn how to update your personal profile page and how to register your projects, publications and further research activities.

Dates and registration


Which publications are added by the library?

All new publications where Lund University is mentioned as affiliation are imported monthly from the database Scopus. Scopus has a good coverage and monitors more than 20,000 journals.

Which publications need to be added by the researchers?

  • LU-affiliated material other than articles, e.g. book chapters and conference contributions. Articles published in very new or unusual journals might not be covered by Scopus either. This material can be added manually.
  • Articles published during previous employment at another university or work place. Researchers are welcome to display previous publications but it is not required. These publications will be marked as external. Older articles can in most cases be imported from either Scopus or Pubmed.
  • Check your current publication list carefully before you import missing records. To do so, enter the research portal, search with your name and open your profile page. Enter Research outputs and view the publication list.

Import manual

See the following manuals on how to import publications from Scopus and PubMed:

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