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Call: Funding for infrastructure investments

Call for applications for funding for infrastructure investments within the Faculty of Medicine and regulations for processing applications. At the end of this page you can find information about Lund University's central call.


For a number of years, the national conditions for funding research infrastructure have meant that much of it must be funded by individual higher education institutions and thereby often within the framework of faculty budgets. Researchers at the Faculties of Medicine, Science and Engineering (MSE) are annually offered the opportunity to apply for infrastructure funding from the faculties. In 2021, as in previous years, the processing of applications and the allocation of infrastructure funding will be coordinated between the three faculties.

Identical application form

Identical application forms are to be used to apply for infrastructure funding from the faculties of Science, Medicine and Engineering as part of efforts to increase coordination and clarity on the principles for the allocation of funding. The aim is to facilitate the process both for the researchers applying and for the assessors. The content of the applications and the assessment criteria are largely identical between the three MSE faculties, but this document highlights important differences. Please note that you need to use the updated form for 2021.


The deadline for the infrastructure calls from Lund University central level as well as for the SME Faculties is March 31, 09:00 AM.

For the current round of applications, SEK 11 million has been set aside by the Faculty of Medicine, SEK 10 million by the Faculty of Engineering and SEK 12 million by the Faculty of Science, for infrastructure investments.

Call - Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine hereby calls for applications for infrastructure funding as follows:

Purpose and criteria

The funding is primarily destined to support investment in research infrastructure that:

  • has the potential to lead to high quality science
  • is made up of new infrastructure or increases accessibility of existing infrastructure for researchers at LU
  • is relevant to many users and has a transparent accessibility policy for the faculty’s researchers
  • is strategically important to the Faculty of Medicine.

Application procedure

Detailed instructions about how the actual application is to be composed are found in the 2021 updated file “Call for applications for funding for infrastructure investments within the Faculty of Medicine and regulations for processing applications 2021” (see below). Applications are to be written in English and the application form should be used (see below).

In addition, key information about the application has to be submitted to the following webform:

All parts of the application are to be compiled into a digitally searchable PDF document and uploaded through the webform as well as submitted by e-mail.

Applications must have been received by March 31, at 09:00 AM.

Please note that the maximum amount to apply for is 5 Million SEK. Applications for a higher amount will not be considered.


Any questions concerning the application are primarily to be addressed to the Faculty of Medicine: infrastructure coordinator Kajsa M. Paulsson,, 046 222 4167

Lund University's central call

You can also apply for funding from Lund University. Please note that Lund University's central call requires additional attachments and specific instructions in the call text (in Swedish only):


Kajsa M Paulsson, research infrastructure coordinator


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