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What images can I use in my article or poster?

If you want to use an image created by someone else you need to have permission from the copyright holder. It can be a photographer, illustrator, an organization, or a publisher.

If you use images from the web, make sure to check the copyright and how the image may be used. There are individual creators, photographers and illustrators who publish their works with licenses that enable others to reuse them. This is usually done with Creative Commons licenses. There are several different licenses to describe how and in what way others may use their work. Always give credit to the creator!

Copyright and Consent

When you use images and film there are laws you must follow. Material downloaded from internet may be subject to laws, and all images and film that contain personal data are covered by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more at Lund University Staff Pages:

Copy and share copyrighted images for educational use

When you teach at Lund University you can copy and share copyrighted images for educational use. There is an agreement that gives teachers (and students) the right to use material from e.g. web sites, digital publications, educational material, books, scientific journals or other published material. You can copy and share both in print and digitally, under certain restrictions.

Bonus Copyright Access is a reproduction rights organization. On their website you can read more about what you can and cannot do with copyrighted material.

Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons (CC) licenses are used by copyright holders to facilitate sharing of their work. The work, e.g. a photo or illustration, is still protected by copyright but others can use it according to the license without asking permisssion. There are six CC licenses based on four conditions for re-use.

At you can find a short description of the licenses, their icons and abbreviations.

CC Search

Images with CC licenses can be found on many websites and platforms. 
CC Search is a convenient search tool by Creative Commons that allows openly licensed and public domain images to be discovered and used by everyone.

Medical illustrations

Servier Medical Art has 3000 medical illustrations with CC-BY license.

Other search tools

You can also search for images in e.g. Wikimedia Commons, PixaBay, Unsplash or Flickr.
Flickr is a website for image sharing. It hosts billions of images, and many of them are published under CC licenses.
PixaBay, Unsplash, and Flickr require an account to download images.

Britannica ImageQuest – images and illustrations in medicine and health

In the database Britannica ImageQuest you can find images and illustrations in medicine and health. The images are for digital use (not high-resolution for print) – e.g. for presentations or websites. The database contains material that only allows educational use. It is prohibited to edit, copy, redistribute, sell, publish or use the images for any commercial purpose.

Buy stock images

If you cannot find the image you are looking for, buying stock images can be an alternative. There are many providers of stock images, e.g. Shutterstock and Mostphotos.


Questions about images and copyright?

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