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Databases in Medicine

Databases in LUBsearch

In the Lund University portal, LUBsearch, you will find the most important databases in medicine, as well as encyclopedias, medical dictionaries and other e-books.

Access to databases off-campus

For access to LUBsearch off-campus, log in with your LUCAT account. Choose "Hello, Guest. Login for full access".

Core Databases in Medicine and Health


In PubMed you can search for article references from Medline, the world's largest database in medicine. PubMed also contains other useful tools, like MeSH Database for medical subject headings and Single Citation Matcher.

PubMed – free access

Swedish MeSH

Translation of medical terms, Swedish-English and English-Swedish.

Svensk MeSH – free access
(Page in Swedish, but searchable in English)


Resources in clinical and experimental research, as well as pharmaceutical literature. Partly overlaps PubMed.


Cochrane – systematic reviews from randomized controlled trails

The Cochrane Library is an international collection of databases, among them are Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews which contains systematic literature reviews from randomized controlled trails.


Cinahl - Health Sciences and Occupational Therapy

Bibliographic database with 700 000 citations to articles, dissertations and conference proceedings within health sciences and occupational therapy.



Rererences from about 500 journals in occupational therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, palliative care, physiotherapy, chiropractic, hypnosis, holistic treatment, hospice and osteopathy.



References in psychology, psychiatry, and sociology.


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