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Bibliometrics involves quantitative analysis of scientific publications.
It can for example be to measure productivity in number of publications, measure the impact of publications in number of citations, or to study collaboration patterns and topic structures.

Library & ICT Researcher support can help you with:

  • publication statistics and citation data for the Faculty of Medicine, on institution and research group level
  • collaborations with other universities, on research group and individual level
  • scientific impact, measured in citations per publication (CPP)
  • analysis of the individual researcher, using H-index, total amount of citations, most cited publications
  • publication patterns, e.g. article production per year, articles per journal, articles per IF range
  • analysis of journals with IF (impact factor) and other measurements.
  • evaluation of publications and research products using the next generation of metrics (Altmetrics)

Contact us to discuss bibliometric analyses and how we can help you.

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