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Organizing elective PhD courses

Here you can learn more about the process of having a syllabus approved by the Research Studies Board. The syllabus should be submitted for revision together with , and the decision will be made by the Research Studies Board.

Please note that in order to get a syllabus approved, funding for the course must be secured before, either through funding from other funds or through an application for funding to the Research Studies Board. To apply for funding from the Research Studies Board for an elective course, see the following page.

Applications regarding PhD courses should contain the following information:

  1. A syllabus according to template, see right-hand column. The syllabus must be written in Swedish, it will later be translated to English. 
  2. An application text containing the following:
     a. Course title 
     b. Background – why is the course needed?
     c. Course director – the principal applicant should be an Associate professor (docent) and any co-applicant should  have a PhD degree.
     d. Scope – propose the amount of credits for the course. One week (40 hours) full-time studies corresponds to 1.5 credits. Self-tuition such as reading course literature and home assignments is included in the study period.
     e. Time – is the course full time, part time, state if the days are scheduled or self-tuition?
     f.  Participants - state the number of participants. 
  3. A preliminary schedule. 
  4. Course evaluation -  if the course has been given before. 
  5. A budget.

On completion of the course, the course will be evaluated in accordance with the recommendations of the Research Studies Board. The course evaluation should be submitted to the Research Studies Board at the latest one month after completion of the course.


The syllabuses are determined by the Research Studies Board after preparation at a preparatory meeting.
The syllabus should be submitted to the Research studies office at the latest one week before the preparatory meeting. 

Deadline for submission of application: 2019-01-10

Preparatory working group meeting: 2019-01-17, 13-16

Research Studies Board meets: 2019-02-14

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