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Application for funding of elective courses

The Research Education Board no longer has a specific call for funding for elective courses. Instead course leaders can regularly submit applications for funding of eligible courses.


Applications must contain the following information:

  • Focus area of the course 
  • A motivation for why the course is needed
  • A description of the target group for the course and an assessment of how many are expected to participate
  • A description of the course structure, ie what should be included; how is the teaching organized: what teachers will teach etc
  • The scope of the course described in either the number of credits (if an approved syllabus exists); schedule; or in number of hours including time for literature studies and home assignments
  • If there is an approved syllabus from before, this must be attached
  • A budget showing the full cost of the course and the amount applied for from the Research Studies Board. It could be the case that Research Studies Board can not grant full coverage, and then it must be stated which co-financing is available. Note that professors and lecturers teach in postgraduate education within the framework of positions as teachers, and that funds are not granted for compensating for this group.

Application Process

Applications can be sent to the following address: are processed in a preparatory working group for PhD courses. Decisions are made in Research Studies Board. If funding is granted and if an approved syllabus is not available before, the next step is to get a syllabus approved. For information on how to proceed, get a syllabus approved, see the following page.

Current dates:

Application filed: 2019-01-10

Preparation Meeting: 2019-01-17, 13: 00-13: 00

Research Studies Board meets: 2019-02-14

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