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Research school in Medical science, for all Phd students admitted from July 1, 2021.

All Phd students admitted to research studies from. Juli 1 2021, will be admitted to the Reserch school in Medical science, 14,5 credits. You do not apply for it, but you will automatically be admitted to it, as soon as you are admitted to Phd studies. The Phd student will be placed in the next available research school and it starts approximately between a couple of months to maximum a year after adminssion to Phd studies. The research school will run four to five times every year, with 40 spots in each round. The course language is English. The course weeks in the research school are spread out over about six months, where nine course weeks, plus one day for examination are schedueled.

The research school consists of the following courses:

  • Introductory course: 0,5 hp/credits (The course runs digitally and "on demand" - you take it immediately after admission to Phd studies) 
  • Introduction to Research Methodology, 3 hp/credits
  • Theory and practice of scientific communication, 1,5 hp/credits
  • Applied statistics I, 1,5 hp/credits
  • Research ethics, 3 hp/credits
  • Applied statistics II, 3 hp/credits, (you choose one of the three possible level II-courses
    (Clinical research, Epidemiology/health science, or Biology/laboratory medicine)
  • Oral communication, 1,5 hp/credits
  • Examination 0.5 hp/credits

During autumn 2021, a pilot version of the course will be arranged. More information regarding the coming research school, for instance schedule for 2022 and syllabus, will be published on the web page as soon as possible, in June.

If you have questions regarding the Research school in Medical science, please contact Anette Åkerberg, Phd coordinator:

For questions regarding the Research school in medical science, please contact: Anette Åkerberg, PhD course coordinator:


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