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Practical information for newly arrived PhD students

When you have just arrived, there are a number of practical and administrative arrangements that you will need to take care off in order to get settled in as a resident in Lund or Malmö and as a student at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. 

For more information and tips for social life and events, please look at the 

Lund University

There are a number of administrative tasks at the Faculty of Medicine you should take care off when you arrive at Lund University. On the following page you will find a list of items to take care of at the University when you get to Lund, so that you will get fully enrolled in the programme. 

Not sure how to find your new work place? 

Public administration, banking and insurance

Outside the university, you should make sure you can take part of normal daily life by registering in the right places, such as with the tax office, the migration board and get a bank account. On the following page you can find more information about all of these tasks.

Swedish language courses

The proficiency level of English by Swedish people is in general very high, and you will most certainly be able to get by using English. However, you will find it useful to learn to speak Swedish at least at a basic level, in order to get a deeper insight into the Swedish culture and an opportunity to meet other Swedish people. Lund University offers Swedish language courses at different levels for university staff.

There are a few alternative options available: 

Sign up with the International Researchers & Scholars Office (IRSO)

The International Researchers & Scholars Office is there to help foreign students and researchers with some of the many questions you might have about day-to-day practical matters in your new environment. 

As a registered member of IRSO, you will receive electronic newsletters, information and invitations to participate in IRSO's activities.

Home Insurance

Insurance of personal belongings can be obtained from one of the companies listed under ”Försäkringar” in the telephone directory. The landlord is responsible for the insurance of property belonging to the owner of the accommodation that you are renting, but the tenant must always have his /her own insurance too. In addition, such home insurance usually also covers travel insurance for personal travel. 

Child care

In Sweden all parents have the right, on the payment of an income based charge, to register their children (ages 1-6) at a pre-school or family day-care home. Children of parents who are working or studying can apply for municipal daycare at a nursery (daghem/dagis) or with a childminder (dagmamma). In the year of their sixth birthday all children in Sweden have the right to go to pre-shool. Contact the local municipality to sign your child up any of these options. 

If you are not working or studying, the options available include: Play schools and open pre-schools (öppen förskola). Open preschools are for young children accompanied by a parent or child minder.  

Get connected with life in Sweden

Lund and Malmö have a lot to offer. On the following page are some directions to help you start enjoying your life in Sweden

Social media

There are a number of social media pages especially for foreign students in Lund.

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