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Welcome to the official page of the Medical Doctoral Student Council! We represent all PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine-

The Faculty of Medicine at Lund University has approximately 1 000 PhD students at six different departments in both Lund and Malmö. The Medical Doctoral Student Council / Medicinska Doktorandrådet (MDR) is the doctoral student council for all PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine. MDR represents students across 35 different boards and committees including the faculty boards, departmental boards, research education committee, and strategic research areas. 

MDR representatives participate in important decision-making processes that affect the PhD education and research environments of all PhD students of the Faculty of Medicine. Moreover, MDR supports PhD students if problems arise and can be contacted by any PhD student of the Faculty to provide advice and support. In MDR’s monthly meetings participants discuss recent events at the Faculty of Medicine, updates from the different boards and various issues that PhD students are facing.

If you have any questions regarding your PhD studies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Chair of MDR
Sakshi Vats 

Vice Chair
Christopher Godina

Ganesh Giri 

Communications Officers:
Carin Larsson

Sanjay Thompson 

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