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Individual study plan

At admission, an individual study plan is established by the PhD student and supervisor, as regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance. An individual study plan is an agreement between the doctoral student and the supervisor concerning the content of the research studies and how they are to be pursued.

The plan is intended to serve as a basis for student and supervisor in the ongoing process of the studies. It includes a summary of the scientific project, literature, courses, supervision and other resources that are required for the studies to be completed efficiently within the stated period. Postgraduate studies are based on a mutual commitment by the faculty and the doctoral student, where both parties have a responsibility for the outcome.

To get a place at the compulsory courses at the Faculty, an established version of the individual study plan is required.

Yearly update of the study plan

It is of the utmost importance for both doctoral students and supervisors that the individual study plan is updated as the education progresses. Many of the problems that can arise in education at the doctoral level can be avoided if there is a functioning individual study plan.

According to Lund University's regulations for PhD Studies, the individual study plan must be followed up and updated at least once a year. At the follow-up, the doctoral student and supervisor must update the progress of the education and approve the changes to the study plan in the electronic system.

In cases where the supervisor and doctoral student do not agree on revisions in the individual study plan, the Research Studies Board may decide on the changes that need to be made. Before a change is made, the doctoral student and the supervisors must be given the opportunity to comment.

In addition to an established version of the individual study plan, an updated version is also required for the mid-term control. Prior to the dissertation, it is required that there are at least two updated versions of the study plan.

Web-based system for the individual study plan

The Faculty started to use a new system for individual study plans in 2020 and depending on how far the doctoral student has come in his / her education, the study plan will either be transferred to the new system or remain in the old one - the Faculty's own system for study plans - until the doctoral student is finished with his / her education. If the supervisor and doctoral student have not received information about the transition to the new system, the old one should be used until further notice.

The study plans are established, updated and archived in the electronic systems. For more information about the content and processes in the electronic systems, there are manuals that can be found under each entry below.


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