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Travel grants

The Postgraduate Education Committee hereby opens the call for applications to the travel grant. This grant is to cover travel costs to other institutions in Sweden or abroad, before 15 September 2023, which are related to the PhD education. The travel grant can also cover costs for digital events. All PhD students that are enrolled in the postgraduate education programme with the Faculty of Medicine in Lund/Malmö are eligible for this grant. To facilitate the assessment of applicants from the same research group, the supervisor should write one joint letter of recommendation for all their applying PhD students. This should be attached to the application.

Grants are awarded primarily for:

  • Participation in a PhD course in another institution (not at Lund University)
  • Visits to a different lab to study new methods or to analyse results
  • Participate in a course /study activities that are a direct part of the PhD study plan.

Alternatively, travel grants are awarded for well-motivated conference participation. The abstract should be included with the application. Applications for conference- or course related traveling might be updated until the date of departure with a letter of acceptance of the applicant’s contribution to the conference or a letter of admission to the course. Travel grants will only be awarded when the student will actively contribute to the conference or attend a course.

Grants are not awarded for traveling that is directly work-related (e.g. journey to medical/clinical conferences). Grants are also not awarded for traveling to Lund University to attend courses or seminars, or for commuting.

The grant fully or partially covers the travel expenses. In total a PhD student can receive 15 000 SEK during their PhD studies. The amount awarded is based on the lowest possible travel fare. It is assumed that other costs can be covered through institutional grants or other funding from the research project.

Declaration and evaluation of previous travels funded by the travel grant should be submitted before a new travel grant can be awarded. Travel costs for traveling that has already taken place will not be covered; the travel grant only covers planned travels. The Postgraduate Education Committee of the Faculty of Medicine should receive the application by 25 January 2023. When you applied your supervisor will get an email that he/she needs to send to to confirm your application.

To get travel trants an established version of the individual study plan is required, approved by the PhD student, the supervisor and the Deputy Head of Department in charge for PhD studies.


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