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Financing & grants

Full-time studies

Lund University finances most PhD positions with PhD studentships, but external scholarships are also allowed. New rules apply for external scholarships, therefore contact respective department office for more information. 

A full-time PhD student can receive their funding from various grants or research councils, pharmaceutical companies or similar.

When PhD studentship holders have completed 50% (120 credits) of their studies, and again at 75% (180 credits), they are entitled to an incremental salary increase in accordance with the local agreement. The main supervisor and the PhD student fill in the form "etapplyftet" (etapplyftet). The completed and signed form is sent to the personnel staff at the department together with a copy of the signed certificate of completed half-time review.

Part-time studies

Students who intend to combine their studies with a professional occupation, such as clinical work, may be admitted to the PhD programe at any time during the year. The application must be signed by the employer, confirming that it is possible for the the student to set aside enough time in order to complete their studies (including all compulsory courses) in 8 years or less.

Faculty funding for the PhD program

The Research Studies Board is financing PhD students with a doctoral employment 3 months salary equivalent to the first salary level. These 3 months corresponds with the time spent on mandatory courses, and the funds are transferred directly to the supervisor. The funds are transferred the year after the PhD student has done the halftime review. If the review takes place after October 1st, the funds will be transferred after an additional year. A requirement to receive the funds is that there should be no more time passed between admission and halftime review than 30 months (unless there are legitimate reasons such as parental leave or sick leave). 

Supervisors of PhD students with an external scholarship do not receive funding from the Faculty since the purpose of the scholarship is to finance the program. 

From January 1st 2023 supervisors of part-time students with a clinical employment for example, will be supported by the Research Studies Board after the half-time review. The amount of 75 KSEK, which will be paralleled by an additional 75 KSEK from ALF funding for supervisors with a clinical affiliation. The amount will be automatically transferred to the main supervisor, There will be no more application process for the doctoral studentship.  Instead for all part-time PhD students who have completed the half-time review between October 1st 2021 until September 30th 2022, the main supervisor will receive the funding in March 2023 (with a similar time plan every year).

 There are some exceptions, and the under the following conditions, the supervisor will not receive funding;

  • If the student has received ST-ALF
  • If the student is admitted within a contract with the industry
  • If the student is financed with an external scholarship
  • If the student is admitted after July 1st 2021, and more than 54 months have passed between admission and half-time review (unless there are legitimate reasons such as parental leave or sick leave).

The new requirements for faculty funding linked to the time between admission and halftime review, are applicable for PhD students admitted as of Juli 1st 2021. 

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