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From Grounded Theory to Situational Analysis , vt 14

Course organizer: A PhD course given by the Medical Faculty, Lund University as partner in the collaboration within the Swedish Research School for Global Health (hosted by Umeå University and including also Karolinska Institute).

Course leader: Maria Emmelin, Professor in Global Health,

Deadline for application: January 31, 2014

Target group: PhD students who want to both broaden and deepen their understanding of qualitative analysis. PhD students from the Medical Faculty at Lund University and from Swedish Research School in Global Health will be given priority. The course will be given in English.

Course length: 5 weeks: 5 + 2 days of intensive course participation and 4 weeks of independent study.

Intensive course period: March 31-April 8,  2014.

Place: CRC, Clinical Research Centre, Malmö

Credits: 7,5 credits

Teachers: Maria Emmelin, Professor in Global Health, Lund University, Senior Lecturer Malin Eriksson, Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University and invited guest lecturers.

Participants: The participants are required to have previously fulfilled at least 7,5 credits in qualitative methodology. The course can be taken either early or late during the research training, depending on the participant’s experience or use of qualitative methodology in their PhD thesis work.

Course aims: The objectives of the course is to enable participants to independently conduct a "Grounded theory analysis" or a ”Situational Analysis” based on their own empirical data and to discuss their results in a theoretical framework relevant for public health and medicine. The participants should also be able to describe and discuss how the two methods relate to each other.

Course content: The course is comprised of lectures and group work but emphasis is given to individual assignments based on the participants’ own research. The course is based on a development of Grounded theory and has a constructivist approach that may be applied both to public health and medicine. The course has been developed as a complement to the qualitative courses that are given within the International Master’s Programs in Public Health. In these courses the basic principles of Grounded Theory have been presented and applied to understand health problems on individual- group and societal level. PhD-students with equivalent knowledge are also welcome to apply.

Modes of teaching: Approximately 30 hours of lectures, 10 hours of group work, and supervision and examination.

Examination: The examination will be a ”take home exam” where the participants will describe their project, their "Grounded Theory" or ”Situational Analysis” and discuss the relevance and applicability of the analysis to their research topic. The process of analysis will be supervised over the net to prepare for the final examination.

Clarke, Adele, Situational Analysis. Grounded Theory after the Postmodern Turn. Sage Publications Ltd, 2005.

Additional literature will be added.


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Deadline January 31, 2014

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