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Exam registration and dissertation submission

The exam registration form is submitted to the Postgraduate Education Committee of the Faculty of Medicine approximately 2.5 months prior to the intended date of the examination.

The application must include the following:

  • A proposed opponent for the examination
  • A proposed chairperson for the examination 
  • A proposal for 3 full members of the examining committee (only one of whom may be from the student's own department) and 2 deputy members. The members of the examination committee must be PhD qualified researchers.
  • Dissertation title
  • A brief statement from the supervisor describing the student's scientific project and individual input to the work, and a testimonial that the student has performed satisfactorily in achievement tests of the subject.
  • PDF-files of each article included (send by email to

Råd och anvisningar inför licentiatexamen

The Postgraduate Education Committee appoints the opponent, chairperson and the members of the examination committee. The decision is sent to all those concerned.

Conflict of interest

According to the Administrative Procedure Act, a conflict of interest exists when a member of a deciding body, who is taking part in a deliberation or handling a matter, can be assumed to be lacking in impartiality when making his/her final decision. The Administrative Procedure Act also states that “anyone who knows of any circumstance that could constitute his disqualification is obliged to disclose it on his own motion.”

The Faculty of Medicine adheres to the conflict of interest policy set out by the Swedish Research Council. Their policy sets out the following:

  • Members of the Examination Board and the opponent/examiner must be entirely independent of the PhD student, the supervisor and the project.
  • A conflict of interest exists in the case of close collaboration on a scientific project and coproduction that has taken place within the last 5 year period. A joint article is deemed to be coproduction.
  • A conflict of interest can exist for longer than 5 years if close collaboration has taken place.
  • The PhD student’s relationship to his/her supervisor is deemed to be a conflict of interest regardless of how long ago the collaboration took place.
  • Exceptions to the 5-year rule can be made if the collaboration was in the form of multi-centre studies. These cases are judged on an individual basis.

Submitting the dissertation

Three weeks prior to the day of the examination the student must submit their dissertation or summary and articles to:

  • the opponent
  • the chairperson of the Examining Committee
  • the members and deputy members of the examining committee
  • the office of the Postgraduate Eucation Committee (3 copies, 2 of which will be forwarded to the University Library, UB).

One copy of the dissertation must be available at the department 3 weeks ahead of the examination.

The Faculty Office announces the availability of the dissertation as well as the time and place of the examination on the Faculty's website.


The examination begins with the chairperson's presentation of the student, opponent and the examination committee. The opponent gives a presentation of the subject. The student then gives a brief presentation of the contents of the dissertation. Under the direction of the chairperson, the members of the committee conduct an examination of the work. Finally, the proceedings are opened to questions from the floor.

The members of the examination committee meet immediately after the examination, appoint one of their own number to chair the proceedings, and arrive at a grade of "approved" or "not approved". The supervisor must be present at the meeting, but may not participate in the decision. Minutes are kept, signed by the chairperson, and then sent to the Faculty Office.

The minutes of the examination board

Licentiate degree certificates

A certificate is issued on request to those who have fulfilled all the requirements for a degree of Licentiate of Medical Science.

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