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Seminar - Writing the thesis summary

This seminar is open for all Phd students, and is compulsory for Phd students admitted from 2021-01-01.

Seminars spring 2023 (same seminar on both occations):
1: 21 February at 10.15-12.00
2: 2 May at 10.15-12.00

Writing the thesis summary – often referred to as the “kappa” – is the final phase of the doctoral studies. This summary is intended to comprehensively describe four years full time work and the individual studies that comprise the doctoral thesis. Yet, PhD-students find this final part challenging and many express a need for advice on the writing process.

This digital seminar will give an overview of the thesis summary with an emphasis on the composite thesis. The seminar will go through the guidelines from the medical faculty at Lund University, describe the various headings that can be included, offer recommendations on the writing process, convey some examples of thesis summaries, and present some practical advice how to approach this final phase. The seminar will also provide ample time for questions and answers about writing the thesis summary. It is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about writing the thesis summary, regardless of research area or faculty.


Jan Lexell is professor of rehabilitation medicine at Lund University and senior consultant at Skåne University Hospital. Jan has supervised 14 doctoral students and is currently supervising five. He has extensive experience as faculty opponent and member of exam committes, both in Sweden and abroad. He is also the organiser of the PhD-course “How to write and review a scientific paper” at the Medical Faculty, and one of two authors of the book “Att skriva, granska och publicera vetenskapliga arbeten” (Studentlitteratur, 2020).

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Dates, spring 2023: 21 February and 2 May.

This seminar will be given twice every semester.

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