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Medical Bioinformatics, Introductory course

Course leaders

Karin Engström (

Gottfrid Sjödahl (


Mattias Höglund

Target group
 PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine

 The course equals one week (1.5 ECTS credits). Five days are scheduled as well as self-studies.


This course will be given digtally.


Spring 2021

24, 25, 27, 31 May and 2nd of June. Also self-studies the week before the start of the course is included (about 4 hours), consisting of reading course literature and part one of the assignment.

All days 9-16

Please note - Compulsory attendance all days, 9-16

Number of participants




The aim of the course is to provide participants with a basic understanding of

bioinformatics concepts and methods.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the participants shall be able to

- explain key concepts and terms in bioinformatics

- use bioinformatics tools to analyse, organise and interpret large-scale


- identify resources for further learning in bioinformatics 


The course will provide awareness, from theoretical as well as practical perspectives, of bioinformatics resources and tools available in the different phases of a study, from the planning phase to the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. Through the presentation of key concepts/terms and examples of bioinformatics work processes, the course gives a broad introduction to bioinformatics. It highlights resources that can facilitate self-directed learning in bioinformatics and provides information about the local, national and international support available with regard to bioinformatics.


The course consists of five whole days that are compulsory and based on the active

participation of doctoral students. The teaching will be a mixture of different

forms, including lectures, group exercises and individual practical exercises.

Independent study of selected texts is also included. Participants are expected to

have access to a laptop. Furthermore, the course includes one compulsory

assignment, in which the doctoral student is to reflect on a research situation (from

their own research, if possible) where bioinformatic analyses can be used, discuss

it in a group discussion and finally propose in writing how bioinformatics can be

used to enrich the previously described research situation.


For a Pass on the course, participants must have actively participated in all course components and submitted the compulsory assignment.


The grades awarded are Pass and Fail.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the course, applicants must have a degree in medicine, biomedicine, molecular biology or the equivalent, and be admitted to research studies at Lund University. Applicants admitted to research studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Lund take precedence. No prior knowledge in programming is required

Required reading

Research articles distributed before the start of the course.

Last day for applicaton for this course spring 2021, was 15 April.

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